Movement, Meditation & Expressive Art

UNM’s Center For Life
4700 Jefferson Street, NE
Suite 100
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Movement, Meditation & Expressive Arts/Journaling for Women 18+





Mondays, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

  • January 15
  • January 22
  • January 29
  • February 5
  • February 12
  • February 19

$149* for 6-week series or

$39 per class



This workshop will include gentle yoga and qi gong movement and expressive art/journaling. No previous art, journaling or movement experience is necessary. Using gentle movement, music, meditation, and art, you will be able to access core thoughts, emotions, and insights in safe, supportive environment.

Our world is full of schedules and responsibilities with little time for reprieve and relaxation. Sometimes, we need to step off the treadmill and meet up with ourselves again. We will begin with gentle yoga and movement, then we will incorporate the use of an art medium to express your inner creativity and experience. We will have a time of meditation as well as discussion and interpretation of your experience. Each session will build on the previous session as you continue to explore your vision for the present and the future.

Health Benefits

Yoga increases flexibility, strength, balance, and concentration. Meditation induces relaxation and has been proven to lower blood pressure for some individuals. The use of art and journaling has been used by many psychotherapists to access inner thoughts, emotions, and insights. When we are in touch with our bodies, thoughts, and emotions, we are better able to live healthy, authentic, productive lives.

Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for working with water-based paint and pastels, and come scent-free for those who are chemically sensitive. 

All materials provided. Bring your own yoga mat if you have one.

If not, one will be provided. (If you are unable to get down to the floor, chairs and adaptations will be provided for yoga.)