Wish to Donate to Raven Art Center?
We are a tiny art center with a BIG vision of Cultivating Creativity and hosting  non-toxic and chemically aware space to get and stay creative!

100% of donations go to programs and services at Raven Art Center


We also have an Amazon Wish List
All items are used at the Art Center to promote or create classes

  • We also welcome donations:
  • Art & Craft Books
  • Non-Toxic Art Supplies


  • Raven Art Center Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Web Master – Our website is in great need of a Web Master.
  • Love Marketing & Social Media? We could benefit from a Marketing and Social Media Guru so that we can focus our time on creating wonderful Art classes.
  • Flyer distributor – Love to get around town? We would love some help spreading the word via flyers.
  • Grant Writer

Art is an essential key to life. Creativity lifts depression and stagnation. Art creates that great spark of imagination. We all deserve to cultivate our creativity and Raven Art Center would love to assist you on your journey!

Raven Art Center is in the process of seeking non-profit status.
Are you creative and chemically aware? Please connect to learn more about being a board member of Raven Art Center!

Thank you so much for visiting Raven Art Center!

Free Art Videos to come!