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Raven Art Center Workshops – Ruth Meredith, Instructor

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Cut Paper Mandalas
Saturday, February 4th
1pm – 5pm
all materials for 2 cards

In this workshop, you will be use traditional paper folding and cutting techniques to create the repeat patterns characteristic of mandalas. Usually circular, these symbolic images are based on repeated patterns of geometric shapes which symbolize unity and harmony.  Each mandala has its own unique meaning.  These techniques can also be used to create many different images for use on holiday cards such as Valentines or greeting cards.  The workshop fee includes all the materials for making 2 mandala cards with envelopes.  Instructions for how to create envelopes will be included as part of the project instructions.  Students will need to bring sharp pointed scissors to use in class.


Drawn Mandalas
Saturday, February 24th
1 pm – 5 pm
all materials for 2 mandalas

In this workshop, you will be use stencils and templates to draw and color mandala designs using watercolors, colored pencils, markers or even crayons.  Drawn mandalas can be completely abstract or contained recognizable images.  A variation involves using black paper and colored pencils for the drawing creates a more dramatic effect.  Examples of several types of media will be presented and discussed.  The workshop fee includes all the materials for creating 2 mandala designs.  Students will need to bring sharp pointed scissors, a ruler, and coloring media of your choice to use in class.


2D-3D photo
4 hours
all materials except photos

This workshop explores how artists construct a sense of depth on a flat surface using overlapping shapes.  In it, you will transform a 2D image or photo into a 3D relief.  This image can be a photograph or reproduction of a painting. It can be in color or black and white but color works best. The easiest kind of picture to use is landscape because the three layers are easier to distinguish.  Larger images—at least 5” x 8” are easier to use. Several techniques for creating spacers to use between the layers will be demonstrated.  The workshop fee includes all the spacer materials, backing and glue for altering a 2D photo into a 3D relief.

Students will need to bring:
6-8 identical copies of the image you are going to use. [the more layers the more pronounced the 3D effect.
sharp pointed scissors

[optional: xacto knife with cutting board for detailed cuts]



Book Earrings
3 hours
all materials for 2 pair


In this workshop, you will be making small book charms using pulp novel covers from 30s and 40s.  These lightweight charms are ideal for earrings and other jewelry.  The workshop fee includes all the materials for making 2 pairs of earrings.  Students will need to bring sharp pointed scissors to use in class.


About Ruth Meredith:

I have been an artist since 1980 and taught at college level since 1999. I teach courses on creativity and the art of visual literacy at UNM.  I was trained as a painter-printmaker as well as a philosopher and art historian. My dissertation in Art History was a combination of philosophy, art history and visual art and dealt with the question of how we make meaning. I argue that making and interpreting are two sides of the same process.  I do mixed media work like ‘found object ‘artist books in a postmodern style I call “Dada Kitsch.” I am very interested in the contemporary art forms of visual storytelling especially animation and graphic novels.