Build Your Money Tree – Reduce Your Debt

Saturday, January 13th
2pm – 4pm

Build Your Money Tree – Reduce Your Debt with Veronica Lopez



This class is for anyone who needs a little help with their finances, from how to create a budget to visualizing reducing debt. I was slowly moving towards my 2012 goal of being debt free.  But, after relocating to a new city and job in 2014, I found myself upside down in my budget, maxed out credit cards, and a low credit score.

I needed a monthly budget, an easily trackable method for bill paying and income tracking throughout the month, and a way to easily visualize my debt reduction progress.  It wasn’t until I brought all of those elements into play that my goal towards being debt free began to move, and move quickly.

With my experience as an example, I will give you both my knowledge and the necessary tools to achieve that goal.

Cost is $45 and will include all materials needed to start building your money tree and reducing your debt.