1.21.18 – Learn to read Oracle Cards

Sunday, January 21st 

10 am – 4 pm



What are oracle cards? 

To many tarot readers, it’s a foreign subject.  Tarot cards are structured so very similar to playing cards with suits and numbers, that when the word oracle enters the mix, one may not know where to begin. 

This course will go through one of my favorite decks, the Wisdom of the Oracle divination and card deck by Collette Baron-Reid. 

This deck is very straightforward in the messages it brings, and the imagery on each card is powerful. 

The best way to learn about Oracle cards is to learn from a deck that you can hold in your hands. 

Each participant will receive their own deck and a workbook to write in their meanings and interpretations of each card. 

We will spend the first half of class learning each card in this deck. This is the opportunity to see how your own personal interpretation can enhance what the author feels the card means.  

The second half of class we will discuss how to properly clear and charge a deck for your own energy, how to learn a new deck, different card layouts, and best practices for everyday reading. 

By the end of this course, you will feel as comfortable with your oracle deck as you would a good friend.

The course is Sunday, January 21st from 10-4 and is $69. 

We will break for lunch; some restaurants and a co-op are in the area if you do not want to bring your own lunch.

If you own the Wisdom of the Oracle deck, the cost to attend is $55.